Pens & Canes  

Before Pittsburgh hired Rutherford as GM they had a FSRR of 1.84 which was only better than 6 NHL teams. Unfortunately for Pens' fans one of those teams was the Hurricanes.  With a FSRR of 1.68 the Canes were only better than Philadelphia and Toronto.

In the past week Rutherford, true to form traded some draft picks for future help.  Elsewhere in our grading of this years 8 new GMs we predicted this and also pointed out that Rutherford has missed the playoffs 14 out of 19 years which means the Canes should have had a lot of good picks.

The fact that he has 41 Playoff Wins as a GM is good, the qualifying fact that 37 of these wins were in 3 years and nearly half of them in the Stanley Cup post lock out year is not.  Limited picks and poor picking is a formula for missing the playoffs (see Leafs).

FSSR = (First +Second Rnd Picks) / Yrs

Team  FSSR   Total  1st  2nd 
Nashville (16)2.38381523
New Jersey2.36592336
Columbus (14)2.36331617
Florida (22)2.32512427
Anaheim (22)2.23492425
Minnesota (15)1.93291514
St. Louis1.88471829
San Jose (24)1.88452520
Winnipeg (16)1.88301713
Ottawa (23)1.87432419
Tampa Bay (23)1.83422121

Red Wings & Black Hawks  

Winners of 6 of the last 17 Cups these teams stand at opposite ends of the drafting spectrum.   Chicago leads with a First/Second Round Ratio of 2.64 while Detroit is tied for third to last with Carolina at 1.68.

Washington, Edmonton, NYI & Arizona have had 127 First Round picks in the last 25 years, an average of almost 32 per team.  In contrast Detroit has had only 15 First Round Picks in the last 25 yrs. & only 2 picks in the Top 10.  (Together their Top 10 Picks played 1900 games - Keith Primeau & Martin LaPointe).

​Chicago struck Gold with top picks Kane & Toews but other top 10 picks - Cam Barker, Jack Skille, Mark Bell, Tuomo Ruutu & Mikhail Yakubov did not work out. The Hawks have proved in a Cap World that a key to continued success is accumulating picks for their own use or to trade for players such as Timonen.

Habs & Leafs  

The Draft and the Habs have been intertwined since the beginning.  Up until 1969 when they picked Rejean Houle & Marc Tardif, the Habs were allowed to draft two French players before the regular draft.  But their unique association with the draft doesn't stop there.

Recognizing management inexperience they sent a package of players to the expansion California Seals for a Draft pick that ultimately became Guy Lafeur.   And, the first goalie picked in the Amateur Draft was none other than HOF Ken Dryden who was not selected by the Habs but by the Bruins, and shortly thereafter given, we mean traded to the Habs.

Current  MVP candidate Carey Price was picked 5th by then Habs GM Bob Gainey, who himself was drafted 8th overall by the Habs in 1973.   Gainey then learned the 'Montreal Way' as a HOF player for the Habs.

Montreal's First/Second Round Ration is middle of the pack, on the other hand the Leafs have the worst ratio and have only had 37 First and Second round picks in total in the last 25 years. 

In those years 7 different GMs drank Toronto City Water all with the same result (Smith, Dryden, Ferguson jr., Fletcher, Quinn, Burke & Nonis).  With their limited drafts not one of their First or Second rounders ever scored 200 goals, 4 scored over 100 (Antropov, Boyes, Steen, and Stajan).

NHL Draft Analysis

25 Yrs: 1st & 2nd Rnd. Team Summaries  / Hot Stove 2015/02/28

25 Yrs. of the Draft   Teams may now have to abide by a Salary Cap, but there is no such thing as a Draft Cap.  There is neither a maximum nor a minimum number of picks that a team may have.

Over the last 25 years, there has been expansion, relocation and a varying number of players drafted every year.   Because of compensation picks the average number of First and Second Round picks that each NHL team should have had over the last 25 years (1990 to 2014 drafts) with all things being equal is 2.08.  In fact, 14 teams have a First/Second Round Ratio (FSRR) greater than 2.08, 14 teams have a Ratio greater and two teams are at 2.08.

The Table Below provides each teams FSSR over the last 25 years and a summary of how many first and round picks they have had.  We have done it by current franchise accounting for relocation;  Arizona includes the original Jets, the current Jets include the Thrashers, Colorado includes Quebec,  Dallas includes the Minnesota North Stars, and Carolina includes the Whalers.  If a team hasn't been in existence for 25 years, the number of drafts examined is listed behind the team's name, ex. Nashville (16).

Also included are 3 Team vs. Team Comparisons along with graphic representations of their last 25 years. 

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