6  NHL teams fired their GMs in 2014, Ray Shero will be our first GM Profile of the year.  From our process perspective we will review what led up to firing of the GM of the Crosby and Malkin led Penguins.

WJrs.  comes to Canada in 2015 and we will carry on with our unique look at the World Juniors.

AHL All Stars  Are they roster contenders or Farm team fodder.  More this year on AHL All Stars.

And  Some new material not found elsewhere.

NHL Draft Analysis

Hot Stove Preview   / Hot Stove 2014/09/27

59  & counting.  Hockey fans from 59 different countries have read 'Hot Stoves' at nhldrafter.com since the inaugural post in October 2013.  Many found the site by following @nhldrafter on Twitter.

Our philosophy is that Building a Great Hockey Team is a Process, and totally agree with Jim Collins when he succinctly stated, "Good is the Enemy of Great."

Great NHL Organizations are lead by General Managers who outperform their peers on a consistent basis.  Stanley Cups are indeed a measure but as former GM Pat Quinn has stated, "bottom line, sometimes the worst manager is the guy who stands up with the Stanley Cup in his hands."  Our Archives contain Hot Stoves that provide examples of exactly what Quinn meant.

This off season was highlighted by NHL teams hiring Analytical Experts and the subsequent 'Holier-Than-Thou' response in some social media quarters.  While we agree it is an important step we firmly believe it is just one step on the escalator to a Great Team.  NHL General Managers must remember that new measures of productivity are like statistics on accidents, in that they tell you all about the number of accidents, but they don't tell you how to reduce the frequency of accidents.

Successful businesses have long identified KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and the NHL is now on its way to developing a new generation of Hockey KPIs but as Jim Collins stated, "Good to Great companies did not focus principally on what to do to become great; they focused equally on what not to do and what to stop doing."  Some General Managers will use the new KPIs to move forward, others will show they are just Lemmings in search of Hockey's Holy Grail.  (Hint to Lemmings; most teams have been doing this covertly for some time).

2014-15 Hot Stove Preview

7  NHL teams had new General Managers leading them at this summer's Entry Draft.  Jim Rutherford was the only one with prior NHL GM experience.  In our first Hot Stove we will give our GM Grades for each of these hires along with a grade for the recently self appointed Joe Sakic in Colorado.

5  NHL teams hired new GMs in 2013, including the Calgary Flames who also hired a GM in 2014. In our second Hot Stove we will rate the GM Class of 2013 and also update the career records of current GMs.  Last year we summarized Winning Percentages of GMs such as Lamoriello, Holland, Burke and the Pittsburgh Penguins new GM, Jim Rutherford.