Scuderi came off Pens Cup win, 2 Finals & 49 playoff games. Mitchell had 45 playoff games, Greene had 18 game playoff run with Oilers.   No surprise when Regehr with 41 playoff games was later acquired.

Mitchell had a playoff run of 18 in 02/03 with Minnesota - Gaborik was a team mate.

Interviewing GM candidates for openings  with an NHL team does not happen often. Preparing for the interview might be easier than one thinks if attention is paid to the right information.

Dean Lombardi has done very well with the Kings, and I am sure he prepared by researching  how consistent the Kings had been in not retaining Defensemen and Goalies throughout their history. Understanding the problem is one thing, fixing is another.  So far Lombardi has done both.

The Kings have drafted 7 Defensemen that have played over 1,000 games through 2012/13.  Like their drafted Goalies they usually played those games for another team.

D ManTotal KingsNot% Kings
Larry Murphy1,6152421,37315.0
Darryl Sydor1,2912881,00322.3
Rob Blake1,27080546563.4
Garry Galley1,14936178831.4
Jay Wells1,09860449455.0
Alexei Zhitnik1,08517091515.7
Kimmo Timonen1,04201,0420.0


Through 2012-2013 the Kings played 3,554 games, their drafted Goalies had played 2,514 NHL games but only 1,074 with the Kings.  The two Jonathan's (Quick & Bernier played 348 of those.

Billy Smith6805675
Mark Fitzpatrick32917312
Jonathan Quick2860286
Cristobal Huet27253219
Mario Lessard2402400
Jamie Storr21920514
Doug Keans21056154
Darren Eliot89845
Jonathan Bernier62620
Robb Stauber62557
Steve Valiquette46046
6 Others19118

Quick & Bernier3483480
Not Quick & Bernier2,1667261,440

The Kings' Cup winning defense of 2011-12 had GM Dean Lombardi's fingerprints all over it.

Kings Cup Defense

D ManTOIAcquired
Drew Doughty  26:09Draft - 2008/1/02
Willie Mitchell25:19UFA - Aug. 8, 2010
Rob Scuderi22:44UFA - July 2, 2009
Slava Voynov20:32Draft - 2008/2/32
Matt Greene16:06Trade - Oilers - June 29, 2008
Alec Martinez14:28Draft - 2007/4/95

NHL Draft Analysis

The Royal Back End   / Hot Stove 2014/04/12

Keeping his Drafted D Men, Lombardi has shown he is very different from prior Kings GMs.  A look through 2012/13 on where drafted D Men played by Kings GM.

GMTotalKingsNot% Kings