Bobby Orr Conference

Lafleur Division: Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo, Toronto, Boston

Howe Division: Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Carolina

Potvin Division:  NY Rangers, NY Islanders, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Florida

Wayne Gretzky Conference

Sawchuk Division: Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Colorado, Dallas

Hull Division: Chicago, Minnesota, St. Louis, Columbus, Nashville

Dionne Division:  Vancouver, San Jose, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix

Its Obvious to All Fans

  • Increased Regular Season Excitement.
  • Teams rewarded for pushing right to the end.
  • A Fabulous weekend of hockey viewing.
  • Increased Revenue for owners and players.

The NFL has long had it, MLB now has Wild Card teams, it is long past time for the NHL to reward its fans with a Wild Card Weekend.

It's simple, all it requires is realignment and common sense.  Realignment is easy, common sense not so much.

Here's how it can work:

  1. Maintain 2 Conferences, except have 3 divisions in each Conference with 5 teams each.
  2. Top 2 Teams in each Division are automatically in (total of 6).
  3. Teams 7 through 10 in each Conference advance to Sudden Death Wild Card Round.  These are the teams with the best records regardless of Division.  All teams in one Division could conceivably qualify.
  4. Two games in each Conference, giving TV an early and late game on a Saturday and Sunday like the NFL Wildcard.

NHL Needs  a Wild Card Weekend

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Wild Card Weekend / Hot Stove 2013.11.23